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Children's Long-Term
Support Services

The Children's Long-term Support Program provides services for children and young adults under the age of 22 with significant developmental, physical, or emotional disabilities. Additionally, support and resources are available for Autism diagnosis and North Star Services, Inc. is equipped with a Sensory Room to help meet the needs of those struggling with ASD- Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Sensory Room Program

Our Sensory Room Program provides continuous community-based support for individuals with neurological and sensory limitations, and provides respite for their caregivers. This program provides a variety of social, recreational, and sensory enriched play to children who need assistance to develop friendships and interests, and increase involvement in the community. A few activities (but not limited to) included in the Sensory Room Program are:

-Sensory enriched actives i.e. sensory bins, interactive books

-LED lighted beanbag chair, hanging LED lights, hammock swing

-Creative activities i.e., crafts, painting, coloring

-Exercise: balls, tunnels, dancing, scooters

-Board games, puzzles, memory

-Social activities like parties, current events, picnics, and other outings


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