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Sensory/Autism Services

We provide continued community-based support for individuals with Neurological and Sensory limitations and provide respite for their caregivers. This includes but is not limited to Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing, Apraxia, etc. 


Respite Services

Services are available by scheduling one week prior with the Director. Afternoon and evening hours are available at this time. Funding is case to case and is discussed at time service is needed.

Play Dates

This is a parent/caregiver driven time to use our facility, with staff to assist you, to utilize our facility to strengthen therapeutic goals, make new friends, do crafts, and  get resources on topics that we may have on hand. There is no cost to attend. Days and time are in
Calendar of Events and posted on Facebook. Notice of attendance is requested by joining the Event on Facebook or by phone.

Social Groups 

This social group will focus on daily living, functional and social skills surrounding eating. It explores on how we prepare and engage with others during meal times. Call Lisa or Kelly to register for the group. Funding is case to case and is discussed at the time of registration. Dates are listed in our Calendar of Events  or by phone.


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